Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze: Quick Overview

Amnesia Haze is an unchallenged cannabis strain for that person in search of the perfect wake and bake, psychedelic experience. A world-famous sativa known for distinct notes of citrus and a strong cerebral high, Amnesia Haze deserves its celebrity, a potent, genetically rich powerhouse. This strain can hit your aches and pains where they need it and deliver a reliable, joyful high.

Type: 80:20 sativa-dominant hybrid

THC Level: Can be over 24%, 20% average

Effects: Happy, euphoric, uplifted, creative, energetic

Smell and Flavor Profile: Earthy, lemon, sweet, fruity, citrus, herbal

Grow Difficulty: Hard

Amnesia Haze Strain Benefits/Effects

amnesia haze strain

The name alone might make you worry. After all, some of us can barely remember what day it is now.

But Amnesia Haze is not even a little scary. It doesn’t wipe your memory, or knock you down, or turn you into a fool that way at all. You’ll still embarrass yourself far more when you’re drunk, every time.

Amnesia Haze is a 80%/20% sativa-dominant hybrid strain, known for inducing a flow of fatigue-busting, creative energy, and a feeling of happy, mellow, euphoria. Amnesia Haze is an effective medical marijuana strain, boasting high THC levels of up to 22% and CBD levels of up to 1%, and it’s a fantastic wake-and bake, all-day strain, too.

An Amsterdam coffee shop favorite, Amnesia Haze has spanned the globe since it became famous in the Netherlands. This strain has taken 1st place in the High Times Cannabis Cup twice, once in 2004 for the overall prize and then again in 2012 for the Sativa Cup.

Although it’s technically a sativa-dominant hybrid, Amnesia Haze is thought of as one of those classic sativa strains. It’s the one you reach for when you want that super happy high, the real ultimate peak.

But don’t worry about what’s coming so much; it’s more likely to be the giggles than anything else. This is a mostly uplifted, happy feeling. There is some creative focus mixed in as well for a nice daytime mix.

In the evening, Amnesia Haze is a perfect social toke. You may find yourself telling stories, laughing with friends, and wondering where the time went. But avoid smoking Amnesia Haze right before bedtime, because it isn’t as useful in fighting insomnia as many other strains, and may even keep you up thinking happy thoughts.

Amnesia Haze Medical Benefits

Amnesia Haze has less in the way of pain relief in it as some indicas or a Kush might, although it is reportedly useful for some forms of chronic pain, muscle spasms, and migraines. It’s excellent for nausea relief and for fighting fatigue, and this makes it a top choice for many cancer and fibromyalgia patients.

Mood-disorder patients also enjoy this strain, which customer reviews say is useful for fighting sour moods, anxiety, sadness, and depression. Amnesia Haze is also a great strain choice for simple everyday stress.

In all Amnesia Haze is an excellent daytime, mood boosting, happy high strain that you are going to love.

Amnesia Haze Seeds Taste and Smell

The aroma of Amnesia Haze invites you in without overwhelming, filling the air with sweet and sour, fresh lemons and spicy, earthy notes. These intense smells start your mouth watering long before you toke up, and particularly in the buds you’ll smell hints of cedar and other hardwoods. This may remind you of a cookout, or just that you’re hungry—don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The flavor of Amnesia Haze is unmatched. This is a smooth smoke that won’t make you cough, hitting your palate with a sweet, lemony flavor you won’t forget. The lasting aftertaste of earthiness and lemon lingers on your tongue and lips.

Amnesia Haze Cannabinoid/Terpene Profile

The Amnesia Haze strain has an average THC content on average of 21%, with phenotypes ranging from 17% to 22%. Amnesia Haze also typically carries notable levels of CBD, up to 1%. Other minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBD, CBN, and CBC are sometimes detectable. The presence of these minor cannabinoids helps it succeed as a medical strain, and are likely to offset some of the classic high THC side effects you might otherwise experience, such as dry eyes and dry mouth.

Amnesia Haze is rich in the terpenes Myrcene and Caryophyllene, with smaller amounts of Limonene and Humulene.

Like other terpenes, Myrcene has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities. It also has antibiotic and sedative effects and calming, herbal mood effects. Myrcene also boasts anti-cancer or antimutagenic qualities.

Caryophyllene is an antioxidant that relieves pain with anti-inflammatory benefits. It can also treat stress and anxiety.

Limonene produces uplifting, energizing effects that some people use to treat stress and anxiety. It also acts as an antifungal and an antibacterial agent, and improves digestion. Humulene is a pain reliever and can either restore lost appetite or calm an appetite that is overactive.

Amnesia Haze History and Genetics

As is the case with most legendary old-school classics, the exact origins of Amnesia Haze are shrouded in mystery. Although several stories about the strain’s beginnings have made the rounds, it’s commonly thought that she has her roots on the West Coast in the US, where breeder David Paul Watson, aka Sam the Skunkman, bred this strain’s original genetics from a number of landrace strains. However, this may be a confusion, because Watson created Amnesia in California by crossing Super Silver Haze and Bubble Gum.

Most notably, we can confirm that Amnesia Haze is the progeny of South Asian Cambodian and Jamaican landrace strains, eventually interbred with Afghani, Hawaiian, Thai, Laos, and the Original Haze Strain. This powerhouse from Soma Seeds makes for some powerful landrace genetics along with what you would expect from the Haze Family generally.

If You Love Amnesia Haze Marijuana, Try These Strains

If you like the mood-lifting and pain-relieving experience you get from White Widow or Skunk, but you’re hoping for something less herbal and skunky and more peppery, Amnesia Haze is a great choice. If you like the happy focus of a Purple Diesel, NYC Diesel, or Super Silver Haze but want even more joy and fatigue relief, Amnesia Haze is absolutely your strain.

And if you love the social, psychedelic effects of Tangerine Dream or Cinderella 99 but maybe need to focus a little more and make it through a normal day, Amnesia Haze is going to be just right.

Growing the Amnesia Haze Strain

Is it easy to grow the Amnesia Haze strain? Not really. Even with autoflower varieties of this seed and detailed germination instructions, there are plenty of ways to fail—chief among them losing your patience as you wait for these cannabis plants to mature.

Amnesia Haze features a classically sativa appearance, with fluffy, foxtailing calyxes and broad flowers on an open bud structure. The leaves range in color from a brighter pear green to a richer, darker shade of emerald.

The landrace genetics of this strain shine through in its light trichome coverage and prominent pistils. Some phenotypes of Amnesia Haze produce more milky white trichomes than others.

Properly cured Amnesia Haze boasts clusters of flowers so dense and well-crystallized, they can be hard to the touch. The trichome production that goes into overdrive in these firm nuggets produce a coating of resin, lending a lightly glazed, sparkling, toffee, honey, or amber appearance. This makes Amnesia Haze ideal for concentrates such as hashes, which carry the unforgettable aroma of this strain (and this is why you still find them in dispensaries, despite the work involved).

Amnesia Haze, like you would expect from a classic Haze, or any high-end sativa, is a long flowering strain. Expect a lengthy flowering time of 12 to 13 weeks and simply plan for it to achieve an optimal yield and a high-quality product. To get the most out of this strain—and honestly, to get it to grow—you’ll need the ideal environment, especially outside.

For your best crop of Amnesia Haze, provide consistent warm temperatures and lots of light. You’re mimicking the Mediterranean or Californian climate that’s the best outdoor growing environment for Amnesia Haze. The naturally hot, long, sunny summers in these regions allow Amnesia Haze to take its time, flowering and becoming ready for harvest in late October to early November.

Outdoor growers should carefully pest control as the serious growth you’ll experience with Amnesia Haze offers ample hiding spaces for bugs. Also, because you can experience broken branches due to heavy flower clusters, be sure to stake or cage well.

But for most of us, since rain and pests can ruin a crop, Amnesia Haze does best indoors. This is particularly true if you’re growing in a northern climate such as the the Netherlands or the UK.

The good news is, you shouldn’t need vaulted ceilings to manage Amnesia Haze indoors, as these cannabis plants tend to reach a medium height in both outside and inside. In indoor environments, Amnesia Haze reaches a relatively manageable height of only 80 to 140cm, and also responds well to low-stress training and similar techniques. Amnesia Haze can grow taller outdoors, reaching a height of 175 to 210cm. To avoid mites and mildew, be sure your grow is well ventilated.

The better news is, that if you take great care of Amnesia Haze plants, they will reward you handsomely. Amnesia Haze is known for some unreal yields despite being somewhat prone to pests and most definitely picky about temperatures, and in a medium-sized tent with good conditions, you can expect impressive yields of around 600 to 650g/m². You’ll do a little better outside—up to 700g per Amnesia Haze plant in the right climate—but that’s pretty impressive.

Buy Amnesia Haze Seeds

Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds are known for potent effects, whether feminized, autoflowering, or regular. These plants are not for a total novice, although the effort you put in is completely worth it. Amnesia Haze is a legend for a reason, and with spicy citrus undertones and a psychedelic head high that powers music, art, and other creative endeavors with rocket fuel, not to mention your social life, it is absolutely worth that long flowering time.

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